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Cell Phone case featuring my own watercolor palette, completely unique and not just a stock photo.

This is a small, informal blog to talk about custom cell phone cases, particularly mine.

Many cases are based on cool, retro gadgets such as calculators from the late 70’s, vintage cameras and electronic toys from the 80’s, specifically handhelds like Missle Attack, Battlestar Galactica, Football and Merlin but we also have some tabletops like Simon and Operation

There are lots of foodie-themed cases such as tins of sardines, ice cream sandwiches, retro TV dinners and classic cereal boxes from the 80’s like Trix, Cap’n Crunch and Lucky Charms and also lesser-known ones like Mr.T and Smurfberry Crunch to name a few..

We also have fandom-based cases such as textbooks and Quidditch themes from the Harry Potter movies, Dr. Who’s Tardis, the Necronomicon from Evil Dead and movie posters from Rocky Horror, Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Sharknado and more.

For pony and brony fans we offer My Little Pony covers with the core group from Friendship is Magic but we do custom Pony cases and will be offering retro Pony cases as well.

There are also a huge amount of retro gaming themed cases: cartridges for the NES, SNES, N64 with many games to choose for each type plus the option for custom labels. Handheld gaming devices: the Original Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and the special SP model. The handhelds offer a blank screen, a game screen or a custom screen option if you have a particular game you love. Game controllers for the NES and SNES, too.

More gamer options feature Logos of popular games such as Mass Effect, Overwatch and the box and card-pack from Hearthstone, classic Atari 2600 box art and even Dungeons and Dragons manuals.

Last but not least there are cases that feature the cover of classic books like The Hobbit, Moby Dick, the works of Jane Austen and many more.

There is a little something for everyone who wants a very unique case for their iPhone and Galaxy S. In stock is the iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 6/6s and 6+/6+s. The Galaxy S phones offered are the S4, S5 and S6. All device types are available in black and white plastic. Most in black and white rubber and select cases in clear plastic or rubber.

All these and many more can be found in my store online and in my Etsy Shop.